ICT Key Skills Links

This is a collection of very useful links and resources found on the web.

ICT Key Skills Resources

Key Skills Online



ICT Key Skills resource centre, Sociology Central

BBC Website ( ICT )

Key Skills Resources, Staffordshire University (for staff and students)

Key Skills - Level 3 guidance, The King John School, Essex

Key Skills Level 3 from Teach- ICT .Com

ICT Key Skills , Hampstead School

Key Skills General Assignment Information, Cambridge Regional College

Key Skills Books and Resources from Lexden Publishing Limited

ICT Resources and Materials

Tutorials and Resources, The King John School, Essex

Bitesize Revision (BBC website)

Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorials

Office 2000 Tutorials (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Word Tutorials (Electric Teacher)

Information Technology Quizzes from School Resources

Word Processing, from the Baycon group

Spreadsheets, from the Baycon group

Inspire ICT Key Skills Project

ICT Key Skills Level 1

(please note these are very large files)

ICT Key Skills Level 2


ICT Key Skills Level 3


Huddersfield New College.

ICT Key Skills Level 2 Revision Word Processing


ICT Key Skills Level 2 Revision Spreadsheets


ICT Key Skills Level 2 Revision Databases

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